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Enamel 10
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, May 8-11
Co-chairs: Elia Beniash, Pamela Den Besten and Alexandre Vieira

Enamel 9 

Ruddick Park, Harrogate, UK, October 30 - November 5, 2016

Co-chairs: Jennifer Kirkham, Ariane Berdal and Alexandre Vieira

Proceedings, Abstracts and Panel Discussions of the sessions are published as a Research Topic in the Frontiers in Physiology.

Enamel 9_sm.jpg

Enamel 7
Ocean Edge Resort, Brewster, MA, USA, 2005; Photos
Co-chairs: Henry Margolis and Carolyn Gibson
Proceedings are published in the European Journal of Oral Sciences



Enamel 6 
Lake Arrowhead, California, USA. May 11-15, 1997 Group Photo
Proceedings are published in Connective Tissue Research

Tooth Enamel VI Connective Tissue.jpg

Enamel 5 
Tsurumi, Japan, 1989 Group Photo

Tooth Enamel.V.jpg

Enamel 4 

Odawara, Japan, 1984

Tooth Enamel.IV.jpg

Enamel 3 
Washington D.C., USA, 1978
Proceedings are published in J Dent Res

Tooth Enamel III JDR 3.79.jpg

Enamel 2

London, UK, 1969 

Tooth Enamel.II.jpg

Enamel 1 

London, UK, 1964

Tooth Enamel (the first).jpg
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